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In a direction-less world, it’s easy to get caught up in and crash into all of the cultural traffic.  Is there a safer, more fulfilling way to navigate it all, though?  YES.  God has A WAY TO LIVE LIFE. And, it’s in discovering and joining Him inside of HIS WAY OF LIVING that we discover the life we most want.

John Morlan is a husband, father, pastor, and author.  26+ years into pastoral ministry, he is the Lead Pastor at Ascent Church in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (Evergreen, CO).  In addition to having a love for leading in the Church and being invited into the privilege of serving Jesus, he loves his wife and little peeps, the Kansas Jayhawks, frying chicken, hiking, coaching football, and writing. He has currently authored devotional guides exploring Scripture:  Begin: Heaven Loves Heading into the Haze (Genesis); Beaten But Still Becoming: How the Discouraged and Doubting Become Distinct for God (Exodus); Breakthrough: When God’s Promises Break Through Hard Realities (Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, & Joshua); Walls (Ezra & Nehemiah); Plan BE: Jesus’ Sermon about BEING ALL of God’s Kingdom (Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount); Word on the Street (John); 29: The Church that God Started Continues in Us (Acts); and When in Rome Do as the Christians Do (Romans).  He has also written two books about things having to do with both eternity as well as the everyday in Afterlife: The Implications of Eternity and a 9-week discovery and devotional guide called Join God (about actively mirroring the character of God in daily life).

To connect with him personally, feel free to email him: jm@LiveTheTruth.net.


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