Deeper Dive: “Homeward Bound” (Week 4)

“Glory is just a matter of Obedience + Time.”

“Homeward Bound” (Week 4, Day 2)

This and so much more are included in our 4th week of readings of First and Second Peter.

Attached below is Week 4 of a Deeper Dive into the profoundly relevant letters Peter the Apostle penned 2000 years ago–into what has become the books we know as First and Second Peter. This look into these formative teachings is becoming a series of sermons and studies we’re calling “Homeward Bound.” What we’ll find in these 7 weeks of readings in 1 & 2 Peter is this: We all ought to be moving towards Heaven by loving everyone and everything rightly on Earth.

Feel free to click on the Download button and jump into this week’s five daily readings. You are welcome to download it to any of your devices or just return here each day this week to read the next day’s reading. Reading these words and having them transform your life is done best in a group, so circle up with someone and learn together how the Kingdom of God might best look in you live this life . . . Homeward Bound!

Click here to open the pdf of Week 4’s readings:

To return to Week 3’s readings of “Homeward Bound,” click here.

To move on to Week 5’s readings of Homeward Bound, click here.

To begin the “Homeward Bound” readings at Week 1, click here.

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