HOW TO Decide Between ‘Keep-It-Simple’ and ‘Deeper Dive’ Devo Tracks

For those who would like to begin the upcoming new year with a fresh devotional experience to encourage your friendship with God, beginning on 1.1.20, Live the Truth is going to be offering TWO UNIQUE TRACKS every morning as great new opportunities that you can choose:

(1) KEEP-IT-SIMPLE DAILY DEVOTIONAL: A quick, salt-of-the-Earth, 6-day/wk daily Scripture encounter . . . with a passage or two from the Bible, a question, and a prayer that everyone–no matter their spiritual background or experience–can connect with. This is a great series of daily readings to do within a family, too, to jump-start kids’/teens’ personal experience with the Bible and opens avenues to talk together about God and Scripture. [See images below as a sample of how they might read.]


(2) DEEPER DIVE DAILY DEVOTIONAL: A slightly more robust reader with a 6-day-a-week devotional track that can also double as a Bible study–with Scripture, life application thoughts, and question(s) that you can respond to personally (and even discuss weekly/bi-weekly with a group). [See image below as a sample of this.]


We hope one or both of these different approaches might pique your interest as you begin to consider how your relationship with God will grow spiritually! Blessings and thank you for checking out what’s going on at ‘Live the Truth.’

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