signs of the end of the world

Aside from this story where a lifeguard saves a life and gets fired for it because he broke a rule about his boundaries (link:, I think I found a couple of other signs that the world may collapse in on itself from the ridiculous:

Perhaps this one will be your evidence of the absolute lunacy of the world.  I saw this at my local grocery store.  Finally, I can now buy a Justin Bieber cake.  Whew!  I was worried this cake wasn’t going to be made available to us little people.

Or, if that one isn’t too over the top, perhaps this one.

This comes from a Chicago Sun-Times article dated July 3, 2012.  While the picture only gives some statistics, you simply need to know that this is the statistical data of beer consumption–on average among Illinoisans.  Every Illinoisan–man, woman, or child–drinks an average of 318 beers a year.  That’s an average of nearly one a day.  You might think that’s not outrageous, but keep in mind this beer (stat) is watered down since the numbers also account for children, sober former addicts, and conscientious non-drinkers.  Crazier still:  these numbers are smaller than last year.

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