“Don’t try to dull and medicate the pain or the pressures of the difficulties in your life with things less than God.”

-Nancy Leigh DeMoss

3 thoughts on “trying with less than God

  1. Hi ,

    I pray the Lord has been blessing your family. I am sending you this message because I would like to connect with you in a time of prayer. I have been using the Prayer network at TheAlmightyBibleClub.com. Here we can create personal prayers in the Prayer Garden, give updates of how God has been answering our needs.

    To get started, go to TheAlmightyBibleClub.com and go to the login window in the upper left of the page. Once you are there, enter terri hunter for the username and yeshua12 in for the password. Now, login and choose The Prayer Garden from top row of items. Once you are in the garden-you can view my prayers, add prayers, keep a journal and share our prayers with friends and family.

    Let me know if you have absolutely any questions about getting setup.

    Looking forward to connecting with you!

    Terri Hunter

  2. Yes many people struggle with these situations, myself included. I find that meditations like the Isha Kriya and others help me to be in contact with God and keep me balanced so as to avoid falling into these traps. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

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