God’s not done with you, yet

Never say that God’s done with you.  He is active where everyone else says He is absent.  He’s carrying us even when we are unaware of it, yet.

Here’s the expanded story on Leslie:

Special recognition to “That’s Incredible” (1981) and the Canadian Broadcast Company (1983) for their great stories on Leslie Lemke and his fantastic adoptive parents.  Even greater thanks to God for MAKING US ALL STORIES for His glory.


2 thoughts on “God’s not done with you, yet

  1. What a beautiful story. I have never seen anything more amazing. We have a powerful and merciful God. He knew just the right people to take in that baby so many years ago. Yes, God knew how he could use this young man to enrich the lives of others. God knew that one day the young man’s story would be used to remind us to be ever vigilant to the idea that God is not through with us even though we may think we have nothing more to offer in this life.

  2. What a truly inspiring story – This is the second time I have been here today. I did not have time to write before. But I must say thank you for this post. God has used this young man to teach me a valuable lesson. We need to use the instruments that God makes available to us in order to play the tune of life that fits His plan. In other words. We must not miss our calling to be used in some way to glorify His precious name as this young man has done.

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