“People aren’t afraid of change.  They’re afraid of the transition.  People aren’t afraid of having a hold on one trapeze handle or another.  It’s the open air between.”

–Dan Reiland

4 thoughts on “people AREN’T afraid of change

  1. John, I have been following your blog through networked blogs. Worked with Dan years ago. Love the quote. Linked your blog to it. Hopefully you’ll get some visits.

  2. So true – Yes so true. The transition: the in between. A time when I have to trust in God. I mean really cling to the cross. It is that place where my human self is vulnerable to the whims of life: where the evil one lurks about. It is God’s testing ground and at the same time it is my stepping stone. If I reach for the pleasures of darkness there is no peace in my affliction. If I reach for the light of truth my affliction is His glory.

  3. So true!!! A great quote!…May God give us all the courage to make the changes needed in our lives that will help remove the stumbling vlocks that stand in the way between us and Him.

    Thank you 🙂

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