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One thought on “friends

  1. I think it’s very interesting and JKimmel has a point. I recentely blogged about being un-freineded, so this is timely for me. I have less than 200 fb friends, ranging from my teenage child to high school and college aquaintences. I enjoy the fb friends I have, on various levels, of course I would only consider a handful of people very close friends. If one of my fb friends were to bother me, as the example in the clip, with many superfluous (or even offensive)updates, I would just ‘hide’ their status. So far fb has been a pleasnt way to stay in touch with people I am interested in. It has been a mostly positive expirence, with only a few minor annoyances. So for me, I don’t really feel the need to trim down my fb friends. I suppose I already have a critera in my head that they are people I feel a friendship toward, and would like to keep in my life.

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