“People change, but not that much.”

–Denita Foster

Do you agree or not?  And in which direction do you agree or disagree?

4 thoughts on “people

  1. Hi, I was surprised to find myself quoted online. I still agree with the quote – People have the potential to change, but generally people don’t change much. It’s like inertia – once you start down a particular path (good or bad) it’s easier to continue down that path.

    I’d like to make one correction: I’m not the one that came up with the quote. I heard it from Frank Little, III. And I think he might have heard it from someone else.

  2. I do not claim to know all there is to know but I have lived awhile and what I have learned is that it is hard for people to change. If most of us could go back to when we were younger, we would live life totally different. Most of us waste time on frivolous dreams instead of looking within our heart for the right things. Just wrote this today Life Things – Changing. Sometimes do not see the need it is everybody else, not us, when actually it is us. There is always Time For Change and if only we could see it soon enough, our life could be so much more in balance.

  3. I think people change when they are convicted that life would be better if they changed rather than stayed the same. When the pain of staying the same is worse than changing.
    But, as far as personalities, I think people stay pretty much the same.

  4. I dont think people change all that much JM, as I have seen many people fail and fall, I have also seen people do great things… it almost is trendy with the a group of people in that once you raise up you contunue on that path and once you fall back you continue down that path.

    I got a group of friends together and tried to put forth a huge effort to embrace and help one of my childhood best friends that made a lot of bad moves in his life. I surrounded him with great people, had him get a legit job, and we all madea major effort to make him feel welcome amongst the group… we all tried to help him stay out of trouble, away from things he shouldnt be around, and to be a better person.

    It didnt work… he had to many bad values instilled in him by that point, he thought he was better off doing things the old way… his way. He thought he was better than hanging surrounding himself around us. (maybe he thought he was to cool or better than us in the end). I have found that when dealing with people, the cream rise’s to the top

    Sad thing is… he is dead now and I cant even say I feel sorry about it.

    People dont change J


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