interesting church growth tactics

What do you think?  Should I act like a 20-year-old and challenge my church to an attendance contest?

If so, what should I get permanently inked on my body?


7 thoughts on “interesting church growth tactics

  1. RJ, since I would be getting this tat as a pastor, I was thinking more of a symbol of Light…not darkness.

  2. Shouldn’t need extrinsic motivators to get people in attendance. I like the idea of an outreach to reach a common interest in the public to catch their attention. May I ask, what happened to treating your body as a temple of God? I would be more content with the hundred dollars in my pocket. The only one that would even cross my mind for half a second would be “Soldier in Christ” on a cross.

  3. You probably didn’t even notice, but it is an RCA church! Honestly! Check out their beliefs under their “About” section on their website. Hmmm… all the signs are pointing towards you becoming reformed and tattooed!

    (Psstt… just having fun with ya…)

  4. Pretty sure you might have pulled the same stunt back (or something similar) when you were a youth pastor (that is if non-denoms allow tattoos)… Remember those days when you were willing to do almost anything to see a kid led to Christ?

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