Hey, everybody, I’ve got a couple of links (below) to two separate studies that recently came out.  One points out that people (women, in particular) ACTUALLY CAN’T TALK ENOUGH as they pursue personal health, relieve stress, and seek to achieve personal peace. 

The other study, conversely, says that SHARING A LITTLE TOO MUCH can be potentially dangerous to your relationships…fostering erosive jealousies and scrutinization of who a friend or partner is talking to and what they’re sharing with them.   (This data has been a recent phenomenon due to, what I’ll call, the “Facebook factor.” )

Not sure if these studies are conflicting or corroborative.  Hit the links on these studies and report back what you think!

For the TALKING A LOT IS VERY HEALTHY study, click here.

For the SHARING TOO MUCH CAN BE DANGEROUS study, click here.



  1. Hi John,

    The second link actually links to a page that says “Facebook ‘friends’ not always real friends”, and doesn’t talk about sharing too much per say. My (social worker) opinion is that the studies are parallel and not really related. People need people, period. We are social creatures. And while one person may feel jealous of something about a friend, another may feel truly happy for the other person. I think that has to do with character, and not how much information people are sharing with each other. That has to do with truly recognizing how blessed you are in your own life and being happy with yourself.

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