Shiny, Happy People

There may be a little bit of ‘no-duh’ involved in the findings of this study, but it’s worth taking note of its overwhelming proof. 

As a pastor, I come across a great number of people who–when they allow themselves to be completely honest–sense a great level of unhappiness.   Something they perceive to be an unsolveable unhappiness.  When you probe a little deeper, though, and ask so many of those who are unhappy about their friendships and family life, you discover they rarely make those critical little efforts that are needed to become a person who is circled with friends…or (even more damaging) they harbor cynical feelings about being able to discover genuine friends.

This spirit within a sad person understandably cycles into another clear example of self-fulfilling prophecy.   Yet, happy people know that we are truly our happiest when we love and are loved by…and know and are known by…friends.  This happiness dramatically increases when those special friends around us are HAPPY THEMSELVES.

Check out this cool article by Time,8599,1864519,00.html?iid=tsmodule


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